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The importance of musical quality in praise


Lic. Roberto Arce

Associate Pastor CEFCAD Church El Salvador

National EDC Director (Ambassadors of Christ)

God bless you, they asked me about the importance of musical quality in praise and my mind quickly moved to the book of Psalms where we can see several examples of those who praised God.

At that time they were not people who simply did it to fill a space of time or to get out of a commitment, but in reality they were prepared people who could play an instrument professionally, such as the case of David who was called by the King Saul there in the 1st book of Samuel, chapter 16 where while David was playing the harp, the spirits that tormented the king left that place, there we see part of how important it is to do things well for God in terms of praise. refers, but I was talking at the beginning that I thought of Psalms quickly; Well, Psalm 150 where it says that everything that breathes praise the Lord, invites us all to praise him without any excuse, but when it comes to directing with music, we can talk about Psalm 34 where it is clearly seen that the Those who direct must have excellence in music to worship God.

In Psalm 34 from verses 1 to 4 we can see some central points in this regard, for example in verse 1 it says that we must worship God continuously, sometimes we let the worry of life take up all our time, when In reality, we can worship God at any time, that is why he says, I will bless Jehovah at all times.

Already in verse 2 it says that when we bless the name of God my soul will glory and the meek will rejoice, but I very much doubt that if we are going to worship God and we do it in a mediocre way we can praise Him freely without distractions, in some way , we must always try to give the best of each one of us so that the people can also feel comfortable with the person who guides them in worship.

In verse 3 is the most important part of why we should worry about the musical quality in praise and worship , since it says in verse 3 that we are magnifying the name of God, and in order to guide the people well, we should not do so. in a mediocre way or giving a little effort but giving the best of each one, because it is for the King of Kings, sometimes one hears on some altars saying "brothers, it is my turn to sing, I cannot, but as it is for the Lord and not for men, I will do it anyway" and NO , it is not about doing things just to get out of a commitment, but if we are going to do it, then let's do it professionally, because it is precisely to enhance the name of God and do it with one voice.

And in verse 4 he talks about the reward of doing it with the best quality, not only musically but spiritually , and that is that God will free us from all evil, from all fear, because to the extent that we seek his presence and magnify him. , He is responsible for freeing us from our afflictions.

In this way I offer you the attentive invitation that when we praise God with music, we do it with the greatest possible excellence that we can give, God will continue to bless you.

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