Collection: Marco Barrientos

Marco Barrientos is originally from Mexico City. At the age of 17, he met Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, which transformed his life to dedicate it to the service of God.

His passion for reach and growth led him to the creation, along with his brother Luis Barrientos, of Leche y Miel Producciones, a company that has the function of bringing "the experience of praise and worship to homes." In it, Marco has recorded twenty-eight live praise and worship productions, is the author of the series ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD that has five titles, is the author of the book God's plan for you and travels extensively leading the "Breath of Heaven" congresses. around the world and most recently the Gatherings for Leaders, Worshipers and Musicians (ELAM). It is considered a facilitator for people to have meaningful encounters in the presence of God. His ministry is fundamentally about teaching people the principles and dynamics of the Kingdom of God, helping them to apply them in a practical way in their daily lives.