Collection: Honey San Marcos

Founded in 2000 by three brothers, Josh, Luis and Samy Morales , in the city of San Marcos, Guatemala.

With nine record productions to their credit, Miel San Marcos' songs have toured the world through multiple original hits, such as: “Levántate Señor”, “Proezas”, “Invencible”, “Agradecido”, “Yo Creo” , “You Are God”, “The Joy of the Lord”, “Your Presence”, “Jehovah of Hosts”, “Great and Strong”, and “I Long for More of You” among many more.

During their career the band has toured more than 20 countries in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe, reaching a new generation seeking deep intimacy with God.

Likewise, these young people have been recognized with multiple awards including the Dove Award (USA), Premio Arpa (Mexico) and the Visión Music Award (Guatemala).