Mixing and Mastering

Audio Mixing for Music Production

The sound of the mix

Each song and production is different, as it captures the essence of the group or singer, knowing their best style in music, musical influences and finding a sound for each client is our goal.

What your mix will get

  • A session dedicated entirely to listening to the song from start to finish to notice its strengths and weaknesses, in such a way that you make the most of it to strengthen the song.

  • Strategic EQing to help each element be heard clearly in the mix.

  • Compression to create energy and balance.

  • Creative elements to make the mix stand out such as: reverb, delays, and other effects.

What your mix won't get

  • Intonation correction in its entirety with programs such as: Melodyne or AutoTune.
  • Editing and correction of instruments.
  • Composite of different shots.
  • Having the final takes ready to mix is ​​the responsibility of the producer.


  • Make sure all your tracks are ready to be mixed before you send them.

EMUTITRACK audio mix price

Musical Audio Production Mastering

Mastering Service

The purpose of mastering is to balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback for all systems and formats.

Mastering is the bridge between the artist and the consumer. The term itself comes from the idea of ​​a master copy. All audio copies or duplications arise from the master copy. These copies can be distributed in multiple formats, such as vinyl records, CDs or cassettes, or streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.

What your master will get

When you start the mastering process, a series of steps are carried out to ensure that it will sound as good as possible.

  • Detailed song equalization (stereo) for better balance

  • Multi-band compression to control low and high frequencies

  • Stereo image expansion for better clarity and separation

  • Limiting and a maximum volume increase so that it is at commercial acceptance levels, but without damaging the dynamics of the song.

  • Separation and 'Fading' of each song on your album or EP

What your master won't get

For clarification. Mastering can't make a poorly done mix sound good. If the mix sounds bad, mastering can only improve it to a certain point, but the mix will still be bad.

If your mix has a good sound, the mastering
it will make your mix sound BETTER!