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Mixture Review

Mixture Review

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In Eterno Records we offer the service of Mixing and Mastering online , but we are aware that many of you are looking to learn, in order to be able to do this work for yourself.

That is why this product has been created, which is basically about reviewing and analyzing your mixture, providing you with all our knowledge so that you can apply it to your projects.

The cost of the service is $3 0.00 USD , (single payment price per song), once done you can send us your song via email, wetransfer, dropbox , etc… to

We will listen and study your mix carefully on different studio monitors, to have the most complete view possible. Generally, you will receive the review in audio format with a detailed explanation with problems to correct, technical information, suggestions and tutorials of interest to follow. moving in the right direction. While it is true that there are no shortcuts, we want to make sure that you are moving on the right path and not wasting time.

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