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Multitracks by ORDER

Multitracks by ORDER

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If you want to request a personalized Multitrack, when making your purchase you can send us to the audio file, reference link to start the work.

The process is the following:

  • Once the price is paid, work begins on your Multitrack.
  • Delivery of your order is scheduled in 3 business days in the email you provide us.
  • You define the key in which you want it and all the tracks are separated.

Prices apply to the following musical genres, if you want to quote a different genre CONTACT US

Musical Genres - Multitrack

* Restrictions apply:

- The Multitrack already includes mixing (optional). We can also send all instruments without processes if the client requires it.

- The Real Instruments option includes Basic Band:

  • Drum Session | Electric Bass | Acoustic and/or Electric Guitars | Piano (PADS, SYNTH). If you want to add a Brass, Trumpet or percussion session , Contact us .

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